Hello neuron!

April 6, 2010

Welcome to the world neuron. Here’s a mobile app that wants to change the way we watch television.

Watch?  Puleeze, that’s so yesterday. Neuron will let us be part of the show.

So how does it work you ask? Well, first you download your own little neuron onto your Android powered smartphone. Now your neuron can do what all nerve cells do. It can fire impulses along a network at one end, and it can receive impulses at the other end.

Our neuron fires five different types of impulses. Happy, kinda happy, whatev, sorta unhappy and really mad. The neuron also receives an impulse that is a meter value from zero to ten. Zero … not so good.  Ten … applause, applause!  And everything else in between.

So when you get your neuron, go ahead and fire it. Now look at the meter. Can you feel it? That little nerve impulse you fired went out along the network and bounced back.

Now, imagine a thousand neurons firing away at the same time, nay … a million!  The impulse that comes back to your neuron is the average of all those impulses at a given point in time, for a given TV station.

So let’s say we’re all sitting down on the couch watching American Idol on Fox. The show begins, and the host starts his awkward banter with the judges.  We laugh, we cringe, we reach for the vomit bag.  But wait, now we can FIRE THE NEURON!  Let’s see what the home audience thinks.

And now the singer takes the stage.

So which way did the neuron meter go? Did our network of neurons agree with the studio audience? How did the meter move when the judges offered their words of wisdom?

Now if there are enough neurons out there, all connected to each other and firing away … at some point we have intelligence. Equal to a human brain? Congressman … yes. Normal person, no. Enough to predict the winner and loser of American Idol each week? Maybe.

And if neuron makes ‘watching’ American Idol more social and fun, it can be the same for any television (or radio) show.

If your fingers get tired of firing impulses, give ’em a rest. Gently shake your little neuron back and forth – like you’re clapping – and it will automatically fire a ‘very happy’ impulse. Or, give it the ‘thumbs down’ motion and a ‘really mad’ impulse will fire. Ok, so you might look a little weird …

In addition to being an audience meter, neuron also has a messaging widget. So if you have an opinion about what you’re watching, post it. Just make it short, and not too kooky.

The neuron live audience meter is not currently available on the Android Market. Check back for future developments.

neuron fires an impulse